Circuito Atlántico


En Talasoterapia Las Canteras agrupamos varios servicios para conformar el Circuito Atlántico.
Nota Importante:
Los menores a partir de 14 años deben ir acompañados de un adulto y traer su DNI en vigor.

Horario de circuito: De Lunes a Sábado de 10:00 h. a 20:30 h. 

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Nuestro Circuito Atlántico está compuesto de:

  • Piscina de Hidroterapia 32/36º *
  • Pozo de tonificación 12/15º *
  • Baño Árabe 40/45º
  • Caldarium
  • Sauna Finlandesa
  • Pediluvio *
  • Termarium
  • Zona de Relax


“Super Saturday” is an instructive occasion supported by the Program of Special Education at Tennessee Technological University for skilled and capable just as learning impaired kids. The objectives of the “Super Saturday” program are to expand the youngsters’ ideas of what can be realized in school; to offer advancement exercises which should premium them: and to enable these two gatherings of kids to be coordinated into enhancement exercises, The “Super Saturday” occasions offered guidance in photography, earthenware production, general illustration. Upper Cumberland thinks about, experimental writing, physical advancement, and cultivation. The reason for the cultivation session was to acquaint the estimation of plants with our lives, and particularly to the lives of kids, The plant exercises were supported by the School of Agriculture and were arranged to create a written report about results of this study which was created with the help of tool that you can find right here and organized through the Horticultural Therapy Class. Agriculture Therapy is the science and routine with regards to utilizing plants and plant related exercises in a treatment setting. It is particularly valuable as a remedial apparatus for the genuinely sick (5h Horticultural Therapy has likewise been appeared to give advantages to a specialized curriculum understudies. to professional recovery of impaired people, in substance misuse treatment and in geriatrics offices, An ongoing report has appeared human pressure markers can be diminished through agricultural professional preparing.
The exercises were facilitated through a current program in the Special Education Program. Understudies in the Horticultural Therapy class in the School of Agriculture were required to create two kinds of Special Education preparing strategies utilizing cultivation subjects. The connection of Horticultural Therapy and Special Education understudies started excitement for preparing and learning.

* Agua de mar


Horario de circuito: De Lunes a Sábado de 10:00 h. a 21:30 h. – Es necesario pedir cita.

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  1. Athena Epson

    Genial justo esto es lo que me faltaba para terminar mi trabajo, al fiiiiin T.T GRACIAS!

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